Baha Tan Toksoz: ‘Developer of Exclusive Lifestyles’

Mr. Baha Tan Toksoz, is the founder & the CEO of LUXURY DEVELOPMENT CO. one of the largest & succesful international group of companies in; furniture production, architecture, luxury real estate development, media, tourism & entertainment.
Baha Tan Toksöz is now considered one of the tycoons in luxury real estate development industry around the world. His signature is synonymous with the most prestigious of projects. The archetypal international businessman, Baha Tan Toksöz started his carrier in advertising & pr industry. He has designed, produced unique international corporate & red carpet events.
He partnered with individuals such as; politicians, musicians, artists, models & celebrities cbd products make them become world famous characters, since 1995. After succesful projects in marketing industry, he has expanded his interests in Architecture, Interior Design, Real Estate Development & Entertainment industries, since 2010.

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